PEUGEOT Middle East Launches the Region’s First Fully Electric LCV Fleet with DHL Express Middle East

  • PEUGEOT continues to lead in electrification – the only automotive company to offer fully electric LCVs in the Middle East

  • In 2022, PEUGEOT named as number one LCV provider in Europe

  • Fully electric LCVs create zero noise, zero emissions and zero odour, contributing to healthier urban environments

  • PEUGEOT on track to deliver bold targets for electrification


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 13 March 2023 – PEUGEOT Middle East, part of the Stellantis Group, today announced that it will supply DHL Middle East with the region’s first fully electric fleet of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs). PEUGEOT is currently the only automotive manufacturer in the Middle East to offer fully electric LCVs, reinforcing the brand’s mission to lead the market in electrification and carbon net zero automotive products and exceed the expectations of its customers.  


The agreement with DHL will see a fleet of fully electric LCV PEUGEOT e-Partner and e-Expert vans operational in the region, with the first vehicles on the UAE’s streets before being rolled out in other regional markets including Bahrain and Jordan, followed by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.  As LCVs are typically on the road far more than passenger vehicles, replacing existing non-electric fleet vehicles with fully electric vehicles (FEVs) means zero noise, zero emissions and zero odour contributing to healthier cities working towards the company’s Dare Forward 2030 vision. 


Commenting on the partnership, Neeraj Kumar, Managing Director of European Brands, Stellantis Middle East, said: “In 2022, Peugeot led the European market in the B segment of 100% electric vehicles in all categories – passenger cars and LCVs, and we are committed to deliver our bold targets for electrification in the Middle East. Through our partnership with DHL, we are pioneering a new, greener future for logistics in the region. Together we share a common commitment to building a more sustainable future for mobility and have pledged to meet carbon net zero targets which will benefit our communities and future generations. This agreement is a true testament of our commitment to electrification in the region and underscores Stellantis’ commitment to being industry champions in climate change mitigation.”


PEUGEOT recently announced its PEUGEOT E-LION PROJECT that will define PEUGEOT’s strategy as an EV brand and ensure it stays connected to the pulse of society to deliver mobility that lives up to its brand values. PEUGEOT’s approach to electrification is a well-researched response to the needs of a changing world, focusing on a 360° approach based on 5 E’s: Ecosystem, Experience, Electric, Efficiency and Environment. 


In a visit to the Middle East in 2022, the global PEUGEOT CEO Linda Jackson confirmed that the brand is on track to deliver its bold targets for electrification. This year all models in the PEUGEOT line-up will be electrified, by 2025 PEUGEOT will have a 100% electric offer and by 2030, 100% of PEUGEOTs sold in Europe will be 100% electric. 


The partership with DHL follows Stellantis Middle East’s recent memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Siemens to jointly develop smart EV charging infrastructure technologies for the Middle East. This includes creating packaged solutions for customers, and electrification of Last Mile delivery services in Middle East markets.


As part of Stellantis Group, PEUGEOT is committed to delivering innovative, clean, safe, and affordable mobility solutions to its customers, employees, and planet. With the group’s global Dare Forward strategy, Stellantis aims to become the industry champion in climate change and achieve carbon net zero by 2038 with 50% carbon emission reductions by 2030.

Note to Editors:

E LION Project a 360° approach based on 5 E’s:


  1. Ecosystem: our ecosystem of products and services, based on the STLA enablers,

  2. Experience: the end-to-end customer experience, from charging to connectivity,

  3. Electric: all of this is based on 100% battery electric - and our commitment to having a 100% BEV line-up by 2025,

  4. Efficiency: our obsession with maximising performance, minimising kilowatt consumption (12.5 kWh/100km for E-208),

  5. Environment: all with the end goal of sustainability and our commitment to achieve Carbon Net Zero by 2038.